Lesson : How to survive in the jungle?

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Trainner : Mr Nooh Bin Dawa, a Lundayeh from Long Pasia (The King of the Jungle)

The Lundayeh of Long Pasia & Long Mio

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A 256x193 mm book.The book is illustrated with 27 drawings made by the local artist Lait Lakong. The stories are told in three languages: Malay, English and the local language, Lundayeh. This is the first book after the Bibble in Lundayeh.
Ulu Padas, where the villages of Long Pasia and Long Mio are located, is one of the richest plant diversity areas in Sabah. It is especially known for its orchid diversity and new plant discoveries and species are found on virtually every survey of the area. As this book shows, Ulu Padas is particularly special as Lundayeh historical and cultural sites can be found scattered throughout the surrounding forest. This book tells the stories, mythes and legends behind theses historical sites, which together with a magnificient natural heritage, make Ulu Padas an absolutely unique place in the world.
Take a look at book here. It is also for sale at Borneo Books Store located at Wisma Merdeka, Kota Kinabalu and Sabah Society.

Source:Lene Topp and Claus Topp

The Legends Book

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Our utmost congratulations and thanks to all contributors in the completion of this book.
This book describes the legends of Taman Maga, Maga Nature Garden, Riberuh Mekusul, Sinipung Lake and Sinipung Hill including a brief history of Upai Semaring in Bahasa Malaysia and English.

Reprinted in March 2014.

It is hoped that the publication of this book will encourage more visitors to come to Long Pasia. Together, let us support and contribute towards protecting the Lundayeh people’s cultural heritage and the beautiful natural forest surrounding these areas for future generations.

Price RM50.00
The sales of the book is for the tourism development in Long Pasia. Please contact

Upai Semaring

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About one thousand years ago, the name Upai Semaring was very famous and was acknowledged by the ethnic Lundayeh community as a warrior and a hero. Possessing extraordinary abilities he had a very huge body that resembled the people of the olden days. Upai Semaring was believed to have secluded himself at Kuala Maga from around 1940 to 1950 and left several marks there. Among the marks were :-
(i) Batu Angan (Upai Semaring’s cooking stones)
(ii) Tanem  (burial site of Upai Semaring’s child)
(iii) Long Tetiran or Perupun Bulu (Upai Semaring’s bamboo stems)
(iv) Teng (dining site of Upai Semaring)
(v) Lepo Batu (Upai Semaring’s rock shelter)
(vi) Lubang Batu Kekelit (Upai Semaring’s bat cave)
(vii) Lengayan (Upai Semaring’s footprint)


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The Homestay Programme was first launched in Malaysia by the Federal Ministry of Tourism in 1995 and is being coordinated and established under the Sabah Ministry of Tourism, Environment, Science and Technology since year 2000.

Sabah is home to more that 33 ethnic groups living in different parts of Sabah. Each district will be offering their own unique culture, beliefs and way of life. Hence visitors would be experiencing a different lifestyle in each of the Homestays that they stay. For example in the Long Pasia Homestay, the ethnic group there are the Lundayehs.

Long Pasia has a homestay programme and the locals will bid you welcome into their home. They will serve you refreshments and traditional meals. By staying with your host family, you will not only get a “home-away-from-home” feeling, but will also have an opportunity to participate in a unique inter-cultural experience that you just can’t get from staying in hotels or dorms. The Lundayeh are a Christian community. They have their own traditional costumes and head dress. There are 13 listed homestay in Long Pasia village :-

  1. Sigar Baru Homestay (Long Pasia Homestay Coordinator : Encik Sigar Baru 0148617881)
  2. Mudin Sia Homestay
  3. Baktian@Daud Balang Homestay
  4. Nooh Dawa Homestay
  5. Lalung Dawa Homestay
  6. Buas Sia Homestay
  7. Kaya Besar Homestay
  8. Samuel Selutan Homestay
  9. Pur Singa Homestay
  10. Upai Hendrick Homestay
  11. Balang Singa Homestay
  12. Pengiran Homestay
  13. Jeffrey Dawa Homestay

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